A downloadable game for Windows

I started many, many projects, but finished under a handful. This one is the first to be "finished" in a looong time. Everything was made from scratch and development took 3-4 days.

Hope you'll enjoy it! :)

Software used:
Engine: GMS:2
Sprites: Pyxel Edit
Music: FL Studio 12 + Retro Boy VST (from SBAudio)
SFX: Bfxr + FL Studio 12

Install instructions

Unzip and play! - Note: It's a Game Maker-made game, so Windows will be suspicious.


Bobls 1.4.zip 17 MB
Bobls 1.3.zip 17 MB

Development log


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This is pretty fun!

Glad you like it! :)

Great little platformer and a clever way to propel yourself :) what did you make this in?

Thanks a lot! - It was developed in GameMaker Studio 2.