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Great and hard games


I Really enjoyed the game! Thanks pr0te!


Haha, that was fun to watch! Thanks a lot for playing. I hope some day you'll find the strength to go back and beat level 10 ;)


I will come back. It was really well made I was just lazy!

I'm glad you liked it man!


Very difficult, but fun game. I loved it :)

Hey, glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!



but i can't play it because i'm on mac :(

can you please make a mac version?

Thanks for your interest!! I will look into it, however I do not own a Mac to test it with :)

Fun game! I recommend you getting a virtual machine if you want to test your game with Mac.


This is pretty fun!

Glad you like it! :)

Great little platformer and a clever way to propel yourself :) what did you make this in?

Thanks a lot! - It was developed in GameMaker Studio 2.